Embroidered Sugar Skull Iron Patches

Embroidered Sugar Skull Iron Patches - Premium  from Smart as a button - Just £2.50! Shop now at Smart as a button
These sugar skull iron on patches are vibrant colours and embroidered.  They have a sticky back.

They are 72mm long and 53mm wide.

The skull you will receive is a random design from those shown in the picture, please ask if you want a particular one and if I can help I will do.

Ironing instructions:- 

Use a hot iron to seal the patch
Put your patch on your garment sticky side down, remember once it is on it will not be possible to move.
Cover your patch with a tea towel and iron over the tea towel as hard as possible for a couple of minutes
Take the tea towel off and check the edges have stuck down, if not do this again.

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