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Welcome to Smart as a Button, we are Button and Ribbon retailer, located in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, surrounded by the best nature has to offer, how inspiring!

We are button lovers, and are constantly looking for new finishes, designs and exciting buttons.  We know they can make a big difference to your beautiful knitted and sewn creations.  When you have made all that effort in creating something beautiful, the perfect button can set it off perfectly.

Or there are the button lovers who use them to scrapbook, make cards and create beautiful button art.

Then there are those of you who just collect them, who perhaps remember their Grandmas button box, and love the ability to create a collection that is easy to look after and a reflection of their personality.

We believe creativity is the key to individuality at Smart as a Button, and love finding new products for your craft projects or collections.

We want to be as flexible as we possibly can be with customers, and if you would rather have a different pack size than the pack we have on sale, just ask, we are willing to break down packs where possible.

We love seeing what you have made or how you created your own personalised gifts,  it helps inspire us and allows us to feel closer to our customers.

My name is Clare Barton and if you ever need to contact me you can do so in the following ways:-


Phone:- 07903089186


14 School Road



ST21 6AS

Feel free to share your pictures with us, we would love to share them on your behalf, especially if like us you are a small business.