August was a Fabulous, Busy Special Month

clare barton

Its been a few weeks since I wrote anything, because August was a very busy month for us. We had cousins over from New Mexico in the USA for the first couple of weeks in August, and what was lovely about this, wasn't just seeing family, but how you start to look at your country through their eyes.  They spent a week up on the North East Coast, and we were worrying about how cold they would be and worrying about the rain get them down.  They however thought it was lovely and "refreshing", which I guess if you live...

The "C" word!

clare barton

No not that one!! The one they have been talking about in the press for the last couple of days..Christmas. I have always worked in seasonal products, and was Head of Buying for Sainsbury's Seasonal products, so I know a fair bit about this. So did you know that when you put a Christmas range together you start your buying trips in October? A full 14 months ahead of the big day.   After your buying trip it usually takes about 2 months for all your samples and cost prices to come in, and for your designers and QA's to...

Working for yourself means you can have family days.

clare barton

I have had a lovely week. Last weekend we did a surprise visit to family in Bristol, which was so lovely, we had nothing planned, and spent a lovely morning in the aquarium.  We then went around the harbour festival, and for a lovely meal at the Spitfire restaurant on the harbour front. It was so lovely. Then Andy went bouncing on the trampoline with Sophie, although his back suffered for it the next day! Then on Wednesday I went to my nephews leavers assembly, which was really good.  Ben literally poked his tongue out at us all throughout the...

So the BBC Dont Pay Women the Same as the Men...This isn't new news!

clare barton

Im not sure why anyone was surprised yesterday when they found out the men were being paid more than the women, it is happening in just about every organisation throughout the country.  Of course some will come back and say they have transparent pay structures with grading that all can see, but I guarantee where men and women sit within that pay grade is different. Very early on in my career, I was told by my boss that I had potential to do well within the organisation I worked in, I was reasonably popular, I worked hard and I was...

Learning to Crochet

clare barton

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A couple of weeks ago I went for a crochet lesson with my Aunt to Toft Farm in Warwickshire.  My Aunt is very into her crafts, she can knit, sew, and makes the most amazing cards, so I was a bit worried that she would pick it up really quickly and I would be sat there asking for help every 5 minutes.  Well the bit about me asking for help was realised, but I wasn't the only one. Toft farm is set in beautiful Warwickshire countryside, where they keep alpacas and then use their wool in the kits they...