June Blog - Amazing Tenby, Hay Literacy Festival and Lovely Customers

clare barton

June has been such good fun. It started with attending the Hay literacy festival with my fellow 50th birthday year friend.  I have never been before and it was such great fun.  We saw an amazing lady who told us about her book craftivism, it was totally fascinating.  Sarah Corbett has taken craft and used it to influence the countries biggest movers and shakers, by using handmade gifts with a political message to put across hers and others like hers point of view. We have decided we are going to go every year, and im even thinking of taking my...

May babysitting, random pointing and projectile vomiting

clare barton

May has been a lovely month, a change in the weather, business has been good and we have had lots of family time. So I never expected to get vomit in a blog, but when you have a poorly Grandaughter it comes with the territory.  We were lucky to have her overnight this month, and she wasnt feeling her best, she shared the love though making sure she got both me and Grandad.  She is crawling now, and into everything, she had us laughing our heads off as she has learnt to point, so she was just randomly pointing and...

April - Spring is in the air!

clare barton

Well this has felt like the longest winter, with snow in Spring, and all the usual signs of changing weather appearing later than usual.  We did however manage to eat outside on one evening and dry the washing on the line, so positive signs. What I have been doing is bringing in Spring/Summer lines Beach hut, butterfly, ladybird ribbons, bees, sea shell and ice cream buttons.  All making me eager for some warmer weather.  However some of my Christmas lines have been selling really well, just reminding me that a lot of my customers make things to sell, and while...

March - The Beast from the East and a New Kitchen Hoorah!

clare barton

March has been a bit all over the place hasn't it? When you are expecting to see lambs, daffodils and all the early signs of Spring and instead you get the Beast from the East.  We got snowed in! We live at the end of a one track road with hedges on either side, so with the wind and the snow we got 6ft snow banks.  Poor Andy got stuck in his car, and most of the neighbours had to abandon their vehicles. However it's times like this that really help you to realise how lucky you are if you...

Feb 2018 - Being 50 is just like being 49

clare barton

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So the 50th birthday has now been and gone and lovely it was to.  I got thoroughly spoiled by those I love.  Had a lovely weekend away at Fishmore Hall in Ludlow, it is a lovely place and well worth a visit. Last week I spent a lovely evening with my dear friend Rick and we went to see Lady bird, it is a really heart warming, film about a relationship between mother and daughter, but without the usual cliches, go see, it will make you smile. We are having a new kitchen put in starting next week, so if...