Getting the balance in life right

clare barton

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Life's Balance It's Easter weekend hooray, and I am going away with my family for a couple of days to Stratford upon Avon, and this has got me thinking about how lucky I am. 3 years ago I was working as a Head of Buying for Sainsbury's, and I would of been in China at this time of year, I have spent many Easter weekends visiting factories looking for new products.  If not in China I would of been at home tied to my Blackberry looking at sales reports and praying for Easter sunshine, in the hope of selling the...

Lulia Lup and Smart as a Button Ltd

clare barton

A few weeks ago I was approached by a lady who is currently at Manchester University studying an architecture degree, asking if I would be prepared to provide her with some free products to enable her to do her you tube tutorials. Her timing could not of been more perfect, I have been wanting to do this, but quite frankly dont have the time, or if honest the technical know how to do this myself. Buttons are so versatile, and its lovely when someone uses them in a way that is unexpected.  Truth is some buttons are just so pretty...

Future Daughter in Laws Hen do

clare barton

Last weekend was my future daughter in laws hen do, which took part in Sheffield. We were so lucky the weather was absolutely gorgeous, which was great because the day started with a track around Sheffield on a treasure hunt. We then went for afternoon tea at the Mercure, which was absolutely lovely, and the staff there were amazing.  Sarah is a big fan of the 1920's so the room had been set up by the Bridesmaids in a real 1920's style, with vintage posters, and with jazz playing. Then the Bridesmaids came up with this amazing idea, and each...

What do you do while working.

clare barton

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I spend a lot of time on my own, as I run my business from my home and work by myself.  I listen to the radio while working, I absolutely love Radio 4, and have really enjoyed listening to Agnes Gray while counting buttons. Its funny but it reminds me of my Grandad, he used to listen to Radio 4 all day long, it used to make me giggle when I was younger as he sat having a conversation with John Humphries, asking why he hadn't asked a certain politician a certain question. Then history repeats itself, i'm in my...

Customer Feedback and How to Reach out to your Customers

clare barton

I have had a lovely week, which has been made very special by some customer feedback. I'm still a relatively new business, and finding my way with how to talk to customers, how friendly is too friendly?  Should you just be business like and treat every order as a transaction, or should you "talk" to your customers. I sell buttons and craft products, so I make a presumption that all my customers are creating something.  If I was in a bricks and mortar shop, I would strike up a conversation, and ask what they were making, which in turn might...