Manchester Pride

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I started writing this blog, as a way to get traffic to my website, all the experts tell you that this is a a good way to get people in your store.  I knew that there was no way I could write about my business, and buttons every week without it all sounding disingenuous.  So I decided to write for my grandchildren,and my niece and nephew, a weekly diary that would be there forever for them. Right from the start I thought I will stay away from politics, as people who know me know, im a political person, there is...

Chris Packham and Autism

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A lady I know published an article on facebook a couple of weeks ago that I had completely missed.  This lady is making a living from products she devises to help children with ADHD and autism, a lovely woman who deserves every success with her ventures.  The article she sent out is from Chris Packham, choosing to let people know he is autistic. The reason it meant so much to me is that I have a nephew, who has autism, so when a major celebrity puts out an article like this, its a big deal.  An amazing role model for...

The Enemy of Hope

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Giving Feedback I heard the expression "Enemy of Hope" on the radio the other day, and this expression has been going around, and around in my head ever since. When I was a Head of Buying in several different businesses, there is an expectation that you pass on feedback good or bad to help the development of the individual, which means on many occasions I have indeed been the "enemy of hope". The reality is that feedback is often opinion.  I have myself employed many people,  who I have been told beforehand, will never be a buyer or amount to...

Using Buttons for Wall Art

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Buttons for Wall Art This week im sharing Lulia's youtube clip about how to make wall art using buttons. There are some amazing ideas out there on ways to use buttons, other than the obvious! The great thing about this particular item that she has made is that its simple to do.   Lulia has used the word "love", but i'm going to give this a go in a few weeks time with my niece, and I think we will try doing her name "Allana".  Fortunately its not too long a name, so should be able to find a frame...

Family Weekend and Beautiful Staffordshire Countryside

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No Buttons this Easter Weekend! Isn't it lovely to have such a lovely long weekend, and because the Post Office was closed I could allow myself a few days off from button orders. We had such a beautiful weekend, on the Friday we went for a walk around where we live in Eccleshall in Staffordshire, which is such a lovely place.  Lambs and calves are all out in the fields currently, and somehow seeing them makes you feel full of the joy of life. Then on the Saturday we went to Norbury and walked along the canal path, it is...