Working for yourself means you can have family days.

clare barton

I have had a lovely week.

Last weekend we did a surprise visit to family in Bristol, which was so lovely, we had nothing planned, and spent a lovely morning in the aquarium.  We then went around the harbour festival, and for a lovely meal at the Spitfire restaurant on the harbour front. It was so lovely.

Then Andy went bouncing on the trampoline with Sophie, although his back suffered for it the next day!

Then on Wednesday I went to my nephews leavers assembly, which was really good.  Ben literally poked his tongue out at us all throughout the whole production, which had us all in hysterics.  I just love the fact that he was completely oblivious to anyone else in the room except us, and he was having so much fun.

Then yesterday we went around to see the newest member of the family, we took Chinese takeaway, had lots of cuddles and just generally caught up.

All of this week has been possible because I work for myself, I don't earn big bucks, but I am able to spend fabulous moments with the people I love.

By the way Ben, always be the kid poking your tongue out, life isn't always about conforming.


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