Welcome to the World Little One

clare barton

Well we have had quite a week.

Last Friday we welcomed our second Grandaughter to the world, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 5oz, and really making her entrance into the world felt by her parents!

I have been a very lucky lady, I wasn't lucky enough to have my own children, but have been fortunate enough to be embraced by my Andrews family.  Which has meant I have been able to share in the joy of 3 amazing weddings, and the joy of two beautiful grandaughers.

Both Sophie and Emilia are very lucky young girls, both wanted, both sets of parents and grandparents totally in love with them.  Aunties and Uncles ready and waiting with kisses and cuddles, what a blessing it is for everyone when a baby is welcomed to the family.

So Emilia, welcome to the world, welcome to this warm, friendly, loving extended family, that keeps growing every year.  May the world be kind to you, may you be happy and healthy within it.



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