The Enemy of Hope

clare barton

Giving Feedback
I heard the expression "Enemy of Hope" on the radio the other day, and this expression has been going around, and around in my head ever since.
When I was a Head of Buying in several different businesses, there is an expectation that you pass on feedback good or bad to help the development of the individual, which means on many occasions I have indeed been the "enemy of hope".
The reality is that feedback is often opinion.  I have myself employed many people,  who I have been told beforehand, will never be a buyer or amount to much, who have then gone on to have great careers.  Equally I have had people who I have just not been able to motivate who under a different manager have been very successful.
Im not for one minute saying feedback isn't important, it really is.  However perspective is even more important,  if you receive negative feedback,  for the person passing that on, this feedback is a fact, it isn't an individual being malicious.  It is however important for the person receiving this to not allow it to become the enemy of your hope, take it for what it is, that individuals reality.

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