The "C" word!

clare barton

No not that one!! The one they have been talking about in the press for the last couple of days..Christmas.

I have always worked in seasonal products, and was Head of Buying for Sainsbury's Seasonal products, so I know a fair bit about this.

So did you know that when you put a Christmas range together you start your buying trips in October? A full 14 months ahead of the big day.  

After your buying trip it usually takes about 2 months for all your samples and cost prices to come in, and for your designers and QA's to work on the products, and make alterations. You then have to go through 2 or 3 management sign offs to make sure the range is going to deliver the turnover and profit that is required.  By now you are in Feb, and now you can go through the process of placing your orders.

Most factories have a minimum manufacturing and delivery time, so usually you are receiving your stock is July, so approx 5 months.

The reason you then start to get your stock out into the stores in August is so that you can can get some early sales reads, if you are really lucky you pick up the early trends and can add orders onto you final manufacturing slot and if you are really lucky, still hit stores in December.

So I now have to confess to starting to put my Christmas lines in the store, on Monday I put in these gorgeous glitter buttons in Christmas colours and by Thursday I have sold 30% of the stock, so hopefully if i'm quick, I can now catch that slow boat from China!!

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