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What do you do while working.

clare barton

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I spend a lot of time on my own, as I run my business from my home and work by myself.  I listen to the radio while working, I absolutely love Radio 4, and have really enjoyed listening to Agnes Gray while counting buttons. Its funny but it reminds me of my Grandad, he used to listen to Radio 4 all day long, it used to make me giggle when I was younger as he sat having a conversation with John Humphries, asking why he hadn't asked a certain politician a certain question. Then history repeats itself, i'm in my...

New deliveries of Buttons and Craft Products

clare barton

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When you receive new deliveries. I have worked in buying nearly my whole working career, for people such as the Coopertive Wholesale Society, ELC, Findel, Shop Direct and Sainsbury's. I have been very lucky, having a career that has enabled me to travel the world, working with forward thinking companies and meeting interesting people.   However if you work with products, the one thing you love best of all about your career is the arrival of new products.  Seriously, its only through the products you choose to buy and sell, that you get to find out if you are any...