Simple Craft Projects with My Neice

clare barton

I love it when I have the opportunity to look after my niece and nephew, its good to be around kids, they make you feel younger and give you the opportunity to be child like for a while.

Allana always makes her way to my craft stockroom, knowing that all sorts of treats are in there, and that Aunty Clare will always allow her to help herself (no wonder i'm not a millionaire!).  She can spend half an hour just searching for buttons for her projects.

She is going through a stage where she loves stationery, so I gave her one of my plain notebooks, some decoupage paper I had, and some fancy embellishments.  I had to help a bit with the gluing, but the rest she did herself.  I love the end result, it is full of personality, and she was delighted.

Benny is harder to engage in creating, but he happily sat with counting buttons for my customers orders.

I have already started a pinterest board with ideas with buttons for there next visit,, which my brother tells me I volunteered for at the end of March....better start taking my vitamins! .

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