May babysitting, random pointing and projectile vomiting

clare barton

May has been a lovely month, a change in the weather, business has been good and we have had lots of family time.

So I never expected to get vomit in a blog, but when you have a poorly Grandaughter it comes with the territory.  We were lucky to have her overnight this month, and she wasnt feeling her best, she shared the love though making sure she got both me and Grandad.  She is crawling now, and into everything, she had us laughing our heads off as she has learnt to point, so she was just randomly pointing and loving the attention.

We have also decided there is no need for expensive toys as a bowl, a wooden spoon and a jar of buttons, makes a perfectly good orchestra.

We then had a visit for our other Grandaughter, and it was gorgeous weather so we put the sprinkler on in the garden, she was loving running around in her nappy getting drenched, again no expensive toys, just plenty of suncream and a garden sprinkler!  We also took a trip to a local park and played on the swings and slides, we were good though and allowed Sophie a go too :)

This is the wonderful thing about working for yourself, I do my orders everday, but it doesn't matter what time I do it, so I can spend my time with the family.

It was also my nieces birthday, an amazing 11 years old, she is growing up fast and off to Secondary school in September.

We are off to beautiful Pembrokeshire at the weekend, one of my most favourite places in the UK, and on Friday im off the Hay Festival for a bit of culture with my friend, so plenty to talk about next time.

In the meantime keep well and enjoy the sunshine.




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