March - The Beast from the East and a New Kitchen Hoorah!

clare barton

March has been a bit all over the place hasn't it? When you are expecting to see lambs, daffodils and all the early signs of Spring and instead you get the Beast from the East. 

We got snowed in! We live at the end of a one track road with hedges on either side, so with the wind and the snow we got 6ft snow banks.  Poor Andy got stuck in his car, and most of the neighbours had to abandon their vehicles.

Bit snowy here

However it's times like this that really help you to realise how lucky you are if you have good neighbours, one of ours has a 4X4 and he helped all of us get our cars back home, and the local farmers were out helping shift snow.   Im disabled so the snow is a real problem for me, but the neighbours, when they went out to the shops knocked and asked if we needed anything.  Everything ends up being a real team effort when you get hit by something unexpected.  Think Andy and I will have to do a big thank you BBQ when the warmer days decide to make an appearance.

Another thing that was lovely is all the customers I contacted to say that I wouldn't be able to get to the post office, were really kind, not one of them cancelled their order.

We also finally got our kitchen finished (bar one door which is on it's way).  We had this done by Kitchencare in Seighford, and they were amazing, would recommend in a heartbeat.  When you do something like this, it is such an act of trust with people you dont know.  But they were excellent, well organised, kept us informed throughout, and were thoroughly nice people to do business with.

Finally look at these cute little bootees that the Pickled Ginger made using the real leather football buttons I sell. I cant wait to see what she produces in her Spring ranges.

Cute little bootees from Pickled Ginger

I know I have shared this lady before, but she is so talented!

The buttons are these ones:-

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