Manchester Pride

clare barton

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I started writing this blog, as a way to get traffic to my website, all the experts tell you that this is a a good way to get people in your store.  I knew that there was no way I could write about my business, and buttons every week without it all sounding disingenuous.  So I decided to write for my grandchildren,and my niece and nephew, a weekly diary that would be there forever for them.
Right from the start I thought I will stay away from politics, as people who know me know, im a political person, there is nothing I love more than a good debate on a topical subject, but politics is divisive, and therefore not necessarily appropriate for a family blog.
Then Manchester happens, and my heart hurts, and I cant ignore it, as to write anything this week and ignore this would feel disrespectful.
We moved to the Manchester area when I was 15, it was a big move and one I have never regretted.  Manchester is a rare city that has everything at its fingertips, its easy to get around, its cultured, and it is warm.  What I mean by that is that it is a city with a community feel to it, it is cosmopolitan, it is liberal, it celebrates its diversity, and it is loved by the people who live there, and the many people who visit, either via the university, the football or the many other reasons to visit this great city.
It goes without saying that we are as a nation sending collective best wishes to the families effected by this atrocity,  our humanity is what unites us. No matter what our politics, our religion, sex or age, we are all united by our horror at this event,  and this very fact is what makes us human.

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