Lulia Lup and Smart as a Button Ltd

clare barton

A few weeks ago I was approached by a lady who is currently at Manchester University studying an architecture degree, asking if I would be prepared to provide her with some free products to enable her to do her you tube tutorials.

Her timing could not of been more perfect, I have been wanting to do this, but quite frankly dont have the time, or if honest the technical know how to do this myself.

Buttons are so versatile, and its lovely when someone uses them in a way that is unexpected.  Truth is some buttons are just so pretty that it is a real shame not to have them on display.

Lulia Lup has come up with this tutorial on making a Button necklace, its simple, effective and in expensive...well im bound to say that they are my buttons!

Go over to the metal buttons collection in the store and find your own buttons to create this with.

If you like her tutorial, please give her a thumbs up and a share on you tube, it only takes a little time, but means such a lot.








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