Looking After my Niece and Nephew During the School Holidays

clare barton

I had a fab time last week looking after my niece and nephew, but you do forget how exhausting looking after kids is, so kudos to all you child carers out there!

We did some really fab stuff together, and considering the fact that the weather really challenged us, we managed to have lots of fun.

Allana cooked with me every night, except for the night that I took them to afraid I gave into kiddie pressure, and caused them great amusement by not having a blooming clue how to order, as its gone all tech in my local, and it is that long since I have been in 1, thank goodness the kids were with me or I would of starved :)

Allana then busied herself with pinterest and made herself a fairy garden, which was a lovely thing to do and busied her for hours.

Then we had a lovely day, on the only day where thankfully the sun shone, at Dudley Zoo, which is a lovely little zoo, and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

So now I need to lie down in a darkened room and recover!


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  • It looks like you made some wonderful memories! Hope you got your well deserved rest.

    Karen Page

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