January - 50th Year, New Kitchens and Bathrooms

clare barton

Blogging is not easy!

How do people manage to blog weekly, or in some cases daily! Oh if only my life was that interesting.  My New Years resolution is to get on top of this blogging lark, and I have decided monthly will just about cover it for me.

So the month started with my brother phoning me on New Years day and asking me how it felt to be in my 50th year, I swear he had that up his sleeve for the whole of December, he literally couldn't wait to say it.  So 50th year starts with a diet, simply because we are going on a cruise in September and I want to be able to put weight on while away! Yep that's the way my mind works.

I decided to do the 5:2 diet, which means i'm grumpy for 2 days a week rather than 7.  It also meant that when I met up with my darling friend Rick I could go out for dinner.  We went to a lovely Brazilian street food restaurant, not been to one before and it was good.  Check it out:-

We are currently looking at new kitchens and bathrooms, my goodness the difference in prices is astonishing.  In fact the prices are astonishing full stop!

I have also decided to do a button of the month feature, one for the button that customers appear to like most and one that is my favourite new button.

So the best selling button of January is this leather football button, I reckon it is the season for Aran jumpers.  Have any customers out there got a photo they would like to share using these buttons?

Leather Football Buttons

Then my favourite new button in January are these lovely warm coloured wooden buttons.  Perfect for the chunky knits we need in January and February.

Large Round Wooden Buttons

If any of my customers are small businesses like myself and would like to share their sites or makes on my blog get in touch, and if appropriate i'm happy to share.




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