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clare barton

Life's Balance
It's Easter weekend hooray, and I am going away with my family for a couple of days to Stratford upon Avon, and this has got me thinking about how lucky I am.
3 years ago I was working as a Head of Buying for Sainsbury's, and I would of been in China at this time of year, I have spent many Easter weekends visiting factories looking for new products.  If not in China I would of been at home tied to my Blackberry looking at sales reports and praying for Easter sunshine, in the hope of selling the charcoal we had bought for BBQ's.
Im not complaining, I had the most amazing career, how can you complain when you have earned good money, travelled the world, met the most extraordinary people and done something that constantly challenged you intellectually.
Now I run my own business, selling buttons and craft lines, there are still many challenges, but I can pick and choose the hours I work, as long as the end result is the customer order going out on time.  My balance of life is definitely better, despite being financially poorer, and I certainly wouldn't go back to being better off financially and giving up my weekend away with my family.
There are many people out there who are trying to run there own business, for many different reasons, but I want to give a shout out to those, who are doing it to get a better balance in there life.  
With this in mind I would like to give a little plug for a  lady who worked for me a couple of times, she was an amazing buyer, passionate about what she did, really creative, loyal and hard working, and because of this, I would always want her on my team.  She has now got her own business, she is network marketing for "Forever", she was an amazing buyer, but she wanted to be a mum more.  She is now using all the talents she has to run her own business, while getting her greatest wish, to be there for her kids.  Go check her out on facebook, her name is Louise Hanson.
So for all of you out there who are working hard, whether for yourselves, for others, full time mums or dads, enjoy your Easter weekend.  
Oh and just as a little plug to my friends who are still at Sainsbury's, if the weather is good this weekend, there is bound to be an offer on BBQ......

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