Customer Feedback and How to Reach out to your Customers

clare barton

I have had a lovely week, which has been made very special by some customer feedback.

I'm still a relatively new business, and finding my way with how to talk to customers, how friendly is too friendly?  Should you just be business like and treat every order as a transaction, or should you "talk" to your customers.

I sell buttons and craft products, so I make a presumption that all my customers are creating something.  If I was in a bricks and mortar shop, I would strike up a conversation, and ask what they were making, which in turn might help me to help them find the perfect button. Clearly you cant do that if you are an online store.

So I decided I would send a personalised letter with every order, I then add a few buttons as a free gift, the letter is a way for me to reach out to my customer and tell them that I have done more that pack their order, I have thought about it, and added a gift that hopefully reflects that.  This week I have had 4 customers write and thank me through various mediums. How lovely is that?  Im not sure if my tone of voice is right for everyone, but it is me, it is the the way I would talk to you if you were in my store.

Thank you to the customers who send feedback, it really has made my week.

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