Chris Packham and Autism

clare barton

A lady I know published an article on facebook a couple of weeks ago that I had completely missed.  This lady is making a living from products she devises to help children with ADHD and autism, a lovely woman who deserves every success with her ventures.  The article she sent out is from Chris Packham, choosing to let people know he is autistic.

The reason it meant so much to me is that I have a nephew, who has autism, so when a major celebrity puts out an article like this, its a big deal.  An amazing role model for children like my nephew, but also for anyone with any kind of disability.

What was especially poignant about this particular celebrity spreading the word about autism, is that my nephew lets us know on a regular basis that when he grows up he wants to travel the world looking after sick animals.  He has many ambitions, and he is amazing, kind, funny and creative, so guess what Benny boy, if you want to grow up and look after sick animals, here is a man who proves you can, but if instead you choose to be a superhero, travelling the world with Snoopy, fighting the Red Baron, guess what we believe you can do that too.

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